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Under Construction

The below listed patches are not for trade, unless you have something very special in mind.  Colorado patches marked "seal" are those (mostly older styles) which have the state seal of Colorado in the center. 

Colorado Sheriff's Departments:
Adams-----badge shaped/black background/felt
Adams-----red/white/blue 5 pt. white star
Adams-----same as above Reserve
Adams-----silver/blue A in middle
Adams-----same as above CSO
Adams-----b/p 7 pt. star/felt
Alamosa-----blue/county shaped/seal in middle
Alamosa-----7 pt. gold star/silver border/black background
Arapahoe-----Deputy Sheriff-----6 pt. star/silver/black
Arapahoe-----Deputy Sheriff-----same as above gold/black very old
Arapahoe-----Sheriff's Office-----6 pt. star/silver/black
Arapahoe-----maroon/silver 6 pt. star
Arapahoe-----silver/black 6 pt. star Sheriff's Posse
Arapahoe-----Deputy b/p
Arapahoe-----Lieutenant b/p
Archuleta-----eagle/white border/brown background
Archuleta-----round gold border/blue background trees
Baca-----eagle silver border/black background
Baca-----yellow border/blue background pheasant
Bent-----7 pt. star/gold seal inside
Boulder-----7 pt. gold star/silver border/black background
Boulder-----7 pt gold star/gold border/black background/sheriff's dept.
Boulder-----7 pt. silver star/silver border/black background
Boulder-----b/p 7 pt. silver star
Boulder-----animal control 7 pt silver star/silver border/black background
Chaffee-----angel of shavano/sheriff's patrol
Chaffee-----same as above sheriff
Chaffee-----same as above sheriff's dept.
Cheyenne-----eagle/gold border/brown background
Cheyenne-----5 pt. white star/gold border/green background
Cheyenne-----indian chief/horse
Clear Creek-----3 white peaks/georgetown
Clear Creek-----big horn/1861/stream
Clear Creek-----same as above/subdued
Conejos-----train/blue border
Conejos-----train/yellow border
Conejos-----7 pt. star/posse/horse/flags
Conejos-----7 pt. star/gold eagle/flags
Conejos-----mounted posse
Costilla-----5 pt. gold star/yellow border/brown background
Costilla-----5 pt. silver star/black border/gray background
Costilla-----same as above/Reserve
Crowley-----seal/black background/gold letters
Crowley-----round/6 pt. yellow star/yellow border/brown letters
Delta-----brown border/6 pt. gold star/seal inside
Delta-----b/p brown border/brown background/blue seal inside star
Delta-----6 pt. gold star/sun/field inside
Denver-----6 pt. gold star/blue background
Denver-----same as above black background
Denver-----buildings/yellow background
Denver-----5 pt. silver star inside blue circle
Denver-----same as above gold bordered letters
Denver-----b/p silver w/city/county logo inside
Dolores-----silver border/letters/flags
Douglas-----6 pt. gold ball tipped star/sheriff dept./2 versions
Douglas-----6 pt. gold star/blue background
Douglas-----7 pt. gold star/seal inside
Douglas-----same as above/reserve deputy
Douglas-----round/detention specialist
Douglas-----7 pt gold star/est 1861
Eagle-----office of/gold border
Eagle-----office of/blue border
Eagle-----b/p office of
Eagle-----round/brown border/tan background
Eagle-----7 pt. gold star
Elbert-----7 pt. solid gold star/pine trees/sheriff
Elbert-----same as above/sheriff's office
Elbert-----indian on horse
Elbert-----same as above/K9 Brodie
El Paso-----5 pt. ball tipped star/gold border/brown background-2 versions
El Paso-----blue/gold stars/service with honor
El Paso-----wildland fire suppression
Fremont-----two toned brown border/blue background
Fremont-----some gave all/flags
Garfield-----7 pt. star/bookcliffs
Gilpin-----5 pt. gold star/brown letters
Gilpin-----round/7 pt. gold star/miner inside star
Gilpin-----7 pt. gold star/gold border
Gilpin-----7 pt. gold star/miner inside star/blue background
Grand-----7 pt. yellow star/yellow border
Grand-----same as above/gold star/border
Grand-----7 pt. gold star/trees/mountains
Gunnison-----rectangle/county outline/red C
Hinsdale-----blue/gold 5 pt gold star
Huerfano-----brown circle/orange sun
Jackson-----elk/mntn. range/brown border
Jefferson-----horse rider-hour glass shape/several variations w/several rockers
Jefferson-----horse rider-1859
Jefferson-----b/p round green 7 pt gold star
Jefferson-----b/p round green 7 pt gold star/detention specialist
Kiowa-----b/p-brown/gold border
Kiowa-----teepee/2 gold stars/animals
Kit Carson-----5 pt gold star/blue/gold border
Kit Carson-----oval/horse rider/blue/black border
Lake-----lightning bolts/5 pt gold star
Lake-----10,152 ft./Leadville
Lake-----large blue/6 pt star/seal insde
La Plata-----football shape/brown/2 variations
La Plata-----7 pt gold star/portion of state flag in center-brown bkgrd.
La Plata-----same as above, but black bkgrd.
Larimer-----b/p, blue bkgrd/gold trim/felt
Larimer-----b/p, gray bkgrd/blue trim/felt
Larimer-----7 pt gold star/state of colorado in middle/"sheriff's dept".
Larimer-----same as above, but "sheriff"
Las Animas-----brown bkgrd/gold trim/eagle
Las Animas-----oval/yellow trim
Las Animas-----silver mesas/river
Lincoln-----heart shape/county outline inside
Logan-----brown bkgrd/gold trim/two flags/sterling
Logan-----brown bkgrd/gold trim K9 brown lab/sterling
Logan-----tan bkgrd/black trim/7 pt brown star/seal inside/sterling
Mesa-----football shape/maroon bkgrd/gold letters/4 variations
Mesa-----b/p maroon bkdgrd & border/7 pt gold star
Mesa-----2 flags/brown eagle/tan bkgrd/green trim/retired 2005
Mesa-----b/p green bkgrd & trim/7 pt silver star
Mesa-----b/p tan bkgrd & trim/7 pt silver star
Mesa-----b/p black bkgrd & trim/7 pt silver star
Mesa-----civil officer/eagle (old courthouse civilian security)
Mesa-----c/s 2 prototypes
Mesa-----c/s black bkgrd/trim/7 pt gold star
Mesa-----c/s swat/above but subdued/(prototype and c/s)
Mesa-----b/p c/s, circle 7 pt gold star/ 3 types, green, black & tan
Mesa-----sheriff's posse/black bkgrd/silver trim
Mesa-----"Posse-Ettes"/red bkgrd/white trim
Mineral-----round/brown bkgrd/gold trim/creede
Moffat-----b/p? round/6 pt gold star/seal inside
Moffat-----green bkgrd/gold trim/7 pt gold star/state of colorado inside
Montezuma-----brown bkgrd/gold trim/5 pt gold star
Montezuma-----tan bkgrd/blue trim/flag
Montezuma-----sheriff's posse/7 pt gold star/seal inside
Montezuma-----K9 7 pt gold star w/german shepard/flag inside
Montrose-----blue bkgrd/gray trim/6 pt gold star/red seal inside
Montrose-----blue bkgrd/gold trim/7 pt gold star/county outline inside
Montrose-----above style/subdued black over olive
Morgan-----black bkgrd/gold trim/6 pt gold star/sheriff's dept.
Morgan-----black bkgrd/black trim/7 pt gold star/seal inside
Ouray-----triangle shaped/6 pt star in bottom
Ouray-----gold trim/powder blue mountains/7 pt gold star
Park-----tan bkgrd/gold trim/seal
Park-----miner/mule/white tail/brown lettering/mountains
Park-----miner/mule/black tail/brown lettering/mountains
Park-----miner/mule/blue lettering/mountains
Park-----miner/mule/brown lettering/mountains/reserves
Park-----blue bkgrd/black trim/1861
Phillips-----black bkgrd/silver trim/7 pt star/flag inside
Pitkin-----gold trim/brown mntns/white caps
Prowers-----brown bkgrd/gold trim/eagle 2 variations
Prowers-----arrowhead shape/est 1888
Pueblo-----black trim/to serve & protect
Pueblo-----special tactics & rescue
Pueblo-----b/p subdued/black bkgrd/black trim
Pueblo----- b/p 6 pt silver star/blue lettering
Pueblo-----7 pt flat star/scales/2 flags
Rio Blanco-----5 pt star/sheriff dept in center
Rio Blanco-----elk/purple mntns/river/yellow trim
Rio Grande-----round/white bkgrd/brown trim/7 pt gold star
Routt-----triangle/brown bkgrd/gold trim
Routt-----brown sky/meadow/creek/light gold trim
Saguache-----land of blue water
San Juan-----white bkgrd/blue trim/colorado's most beautiful county o/s
San Juan-----grn bkgrd/gold trim/6 pt gold star/train
San Miguel-----gold trim/blue bkgrd/lower third blue bkgrd
San Miguel-----gold trim/blue bkgrd/lower third silver bkgrd
San Miguel-----black bkgrd/blue trim/7 pt gold star/seal inside
Sedgwick-----tan bkgrd/gold trim/5 pt hollow star/screen print
Sedgwick-----tan bkgrd/gold trim/5 pt solid star
Sedgwick-----round/sheriff's posse/screen print/gold border
Sedgwick-----b/p brown bkgrd/gold trim/7 pt gold star/seal inside
Sedgwick-----pony express/julesburg
Summit-----brown bkgrd/gold trim/gold snowflake/sheriff's dept.
Summit-----brown bkgrd/gold tirm/blue snowflake & water//sheriff
Summit-----swat/est 1999 green trim/black bkgrd
Summit-----gold trim/est 1861/7 pt gold star
Teller-----7 pt gold star/gold trim
Teller-----lt blue bkgrd/gold lettering/dark blue trim
Teller----7 pt green star/silver ring inside star
Washington-----gray bkgrd/black trim/gold lettering
Washington-----elk/blue bkgrd/gold trim
Washington-----b/p black bkgrd/black trim/7 pt gold/blue star
Weld-----5 pt gold star inside brown circle/gold trim
Weld-----black bkgrd/black trim/6 pt gold trimmed star/deputy sheriff
Weld-----brown bkgrd/gold trim/7 pt gold star w/blue leaves/deputy sheriff
Weld-----nearly same as above, but lighter gold trim/letters/sheriff's office
Weld-----gold trim/rising sun/birds/blue stars/deputy sheriff
Weld-----gold trim/rising sun/birds/blue stars/corrections
Weld-----fugitive warrants unit eagle w/flag wings
Yuma-----chp style/7 pt gold star/seal inside/sheriff's office/co
Yuma-----same as above, but sheriff's dept.

Colorado Municipal Police: (Under Construction)
Aguilar-----silver eagle/flags
Akron-----eagle blk bkgrd/blue trim
Alamosa-----7 pt gold star/seal inside
Alamosa-----7 pt gold star/seal inside/blue state of colorado
Alamosa-----7 pt gold star/seal inside/black state of colorado
Alma-----b/p silver/black
Alma-----highest inc. town in N. America
Antonito-----train 463
Arvada-----gold letters/black trim
Arvada-----silver letters/mountain range
Aspen-----leaf/brown letters/gold bkgrd.
Aspen-----leaf/blue letters/white trim
Aspen-----oval/leaf/blue letters
Aurora-----b/p blue bkgrd/black trim
Aurora-----communications/city of
Aurora-----crime lab/city of
Aurora-----crime scenes/city of
Aurora-----technician/city of
Aurora-----b/p park ranger
Avon-----police department/colo flag
Avon-----police dept./flag
Avon-----police/mountain range/flag
Basalt-----train/309/round bottom
Basalt-----train/309/pointed bottom
Black Hawk-----black hawk w/silver outline
Blanca-----white bkgrd/black trim
Boulder-----seal/gold trim/blk bkgrd
Boulder-----silver lettering/trim silver mtns
Bow Mar-----duck brown trim
Bow Mar-----to protect/serve sailboat
Breckenridge-----4 colored b's blk trim
Breckenridge-----scales/candle yellow trim
Breckenridge-----state of colorado crown
Brighton-----seal silver letters/trim
Brighton-----city symbol blk bkgrd/silver lettering
Brighton-----city symbol blk bkgrd/gray lettering
Broadmoor-----serve & protect tower yellow trim
Broomfield-----seal blk bkgrd/silver lettering/trim
Broomfield-----white mtn caps above colorado
Broomfield-----city & county gold lettering
Broomfield-----city & county subdued swat
Brush-----seal blue bkgrd/gold lettering & trim
Brush-----1884 rodeo days/cowboy
Buena Vista-----deer colo blk trim hat patch
Buena Vista-----deer colo blk trim
Buena Vista-----triangle diamond gold lettering/trim
Burlington-----stock eagle blk bkgrd/gold trim
Burlington-----quail blk lettering/blue trim
Burlington-----quail blue lettering/blue trim
Burlington-----carousel horse
Calhan-----highest non incorporated non mtn town
Campo-----stock eagle brown bkgrd/gold trim
Canon City-----yellow lettering/trim royal gorge scene
Canon City-----1872 home of the royal gorge bridge
Carbondale-----town of est 1887 silver lettering/trim
Carbondale-----mt. sopris gold lettering/trim
Castle Pines-----emer. services b/p brown bkgrd/trim
Castle Rock-----2 flags 1881 yellow lettering/trim
Cedaredge-----stock eagle blk bkgrd/blue trim
Center-----blk bkgrd/silver lettering/trim seal in middle
Central City-----circular gold miner pistols yellow bkgrd/brown trim
Central City-----silver b/p police department
Central City-----gold b/p police department
Cherry Hills-----seal blk bkgrd/trim gray lettering
Colorado Springs-----seal blue bkgrd/silver letting/trim
Colorado Springs-----seal blue bkgrd/silver letting blue trim felt
Colorado Springs-----red sun over mtns silver lettering/blue trim
Colorado Springs-----b/p silver badge blk bkgrd/trim
Colorado Springs-----seal airport police silver lettering/trim
Colorado Springs-----dive team silver diver red bkgrd/gold trim
Colorado Springs-----seal noise police silver lettering/trim
Colorado Springs-----seal park police lt. blue lettering/trim
Colorado Springs-----seal parking officer gold lettering/trim
Columbine Valley-----seal gold lettering blue trim
Columbine Valley-----1959 flag flower gold trim
Commerce-----town police dept. felt blk bkgrd. gold trim
Commerce City-----seal gold lettering/trim
Commerce City-----b/p silver badge blk trim
Cortez-----blue bkgrd man w/helmet (Cortez) blk trim
Cortez-----sun puple/blue/silver mtns.
Craig-----city of craig in orange letters sun
Craig-----elk/snowmobiler/horse rider/fish
Cripple Creek-----mine pick/shovel brown trim
Cripple Creek-----est. 1892 mine pick/shovel mtn.
Dacono-----white letters/blue trim/moutain range/pick
Dacono-----eagle/service justice/5 white stars
Dacono/Frederick/Firestone Tri Area SWAT-----est. 1998
Del Norte-----stock eagle/"del norte colorado" in cursive
Del Norte-----triangular/red trim/white letters no design, just letters
Del Norte-----scales/red & white brick bldg/sun/D on mountain
Delta-----mesa/moon/two rivers
Delta-----special response team red/black crosshairs
Denver-----b/p gold badge & eagle
Denver-----b/p city & county of denver gold inset
Denver-----b/p city seal black bkgrd inset
Denver-----b/p city seal silver bkgrd inset
Denver-----b/p sgt. gold 2 stars
Denver-----canine unit german shepard circular
Denver-----gang bureau wolf/flag
Denver-----swat team brown eagle
Denver-----public safety cadet city and county seal dk blue bkgrd
Denver-----b/p public safety cadet city and county seal
Denver-----special police city seal yellow over dk blue
Denver-----vice/drug control bureau flag/eagle/snake
Dillon-----yellow trim/brown bkgrd silver eagle/skier
Dillon-----maroon boat/blue sails/snowflake/red sun
Dillon-----same as above but subdued olive green/black
Dinosaur-----"dinosaur city" police t rex/pointed top & bottom
Durango----- blue over white felt 5 pt blue star
Durango-----circular/police rocker over white bkgrd/train rifle/fly fish rod
Eads-----kiowa county shape inset/oil well/duck
Eagle-----circular/yellow trim/eagle flying over pine trees
Eaton-----seal gold trim/blue bkgrd
Eaton-----diamond inset/police in red letters/sun/yellow trim
Eaton-----silver trim/letters / pine trees
Edgewater-----blue E/1901
Edgewater-----special services unit/circular/eagle/red lightning bolt/5 blue stars
Elizabeth-----rectangular/gateway to the rockies in red letters/1890
Englewood-----seal/dk blue trim/gold letters
Englewood-----state of colorado/1876/silver letters
Englewood-----englewood colorado safety services
Estes Park-----black letters/white capped mntns.
Estes Park-----elk/2 pine trees
Erie-----wheat/colorado in blue letters/farmland
Erie-----town of/1874/dk blue letters & trim
Evans-----brown bkgrd/yellow trim/stagecoach/train
Fairplay-----eagle/2 flags/yellow letters
Fairplay-----town of/incorporated 1880/river/badge shaped
Fairplay-----fairplay colo.
Federal Heights-----b/p silver officer
Federal Heights-----seal/silver trim & letters
Federal Heights-----mesas/sun rays/dk blue trim/silver letters

Colorardo Marshal's Offices
Alma-----highest incorporated town in north america/gold trim
Alma-----same as above/purple trim
Aurora-----building/yellow trim
Bayfield-----marshals' dept/seal/blue trim
Bayfield-----town of/heart of the pine river valley
Blackhawk-----round/white bkgrd/yellow trim/6 pt star
Blue River-----round/lt blue bkgrd/blue trim/lake/sail
Calhan-----round b/p 5 pt star/scales inside
Cedarege-----town marshal/big C in middle/blue trim
Central City-----round/dk blue bkgrd/blk trim
Central City-----round/tan bkgrd/brown trim
Collbran-----blue bkgrd/seal
Collbran-----yellow trim/servicewoman's memorial
Collbran-----orange bkgrd/elk/1908
Collbran-----round/ b/p silver 7 pt star/blk bkgrd/blk trim
Collbran-----green mntns/lt blue sky/black elk c/s
Colorado Springs-----b/p oval/blue bkgrd/blue trim
Colorado Springs-----blue bkgrd/white trim/seal
Crested Butte-----6 pt star/seal inside/blue bkgrd/yellow trim
Debeque-----Oil Shale Country o/s
Debeque-----horses/1884 o/s
Debeque-----tan/blue/brown horse 7 pt star
Debeque-----b/p blk bkgrd/blk trim/7 pt silver star/seal inside
Denver-----round/gold dove/gold badge/key/gray bkgrd/blue trim
Dinasaur-----city marshal/dinosaurs/volcano erupting
Dolores-----half round/white bkgrd/yellow trim/letters
Dolores-----yellow trim/silver train/river/blue mntns
Empire-----deer/sheep/flower/gold trim
Empire-----7 pt star/brown whitecapped mntns/pine trees
Fairplay-----state flag inside yellow leaf
Georgetown-----train/blue trim
Green Mountain Falls-----6 pt star/water inside/yellow trim
Holly-----depot built in 1912/yellow trim
Hotchkiss-----7 pt star/seal inside/gold trim
Lakewood-----2 silver stars/handshake
Lakewood-----same as above, but city of lakewood colorado in circle
La Veta-----brown bkgrd/gold trim/turquoise sky
Log Lane-----6 pt solid gold star
Log Lane-----cabin/sunrise
Nederland-----b/p 7 pt silver star
Nederland-----7 pt silver star/a.d. 1874/blue trim
Nucla-----brown bkgrd/gold trim/town of/purple flowers
Palmer Lake-----b/p 7 pt star/blue bkgrd/blue trim
Palmer Lake-----5 pt hollow star/blk bkgrd
Palmer Lake-----5 pt hollow star/blue bkgrd
Ridgway-----purple mntns/teepee/horse rider/yellow trim
Ridgway-----stagecoach/white mntns/blue trim
Silt-----green bkgrd/miner/1876/red C
Snowmass Village-----blue bkgrd/red trim
Telluride-----black letters over yellow/brown whitecapped mntns
Telluride-----7 pt star/pick/feather inside

Colorado Schools/Universities:
Adams State Dept. of Public Safety-----arrow shaped
Arapahoe Community College Public Safety-----red/white/blue-gold border
Arapahoe Community College DPS-----b/p
Auraria Public Safety/PD-----seal
Auraria PD-----seal
Aurora Schools Security------brown stock eagle
Colorado School of Mines Public Safety-----"M" on mountain-o/s pre 1999
Colorado School of Mines PD/DPS-----blue swoosh design
Colorado State University PD-----trees/building
Colorado State University PD-----b/p felt
Colorado State University-----Public Safety Officer
Colorado State University Public Safety-----Officer b/p
Delta-Montrose Technical Center Criminal Justice Academy-----eagle
Front Range Community College Public Safety-----blue border & background
Mesa State College PD-----flags/snow mountains-----defunct agency
Mesa State College Public Safety-----same as above
Pikes Peak Regional Law Enforcement Academy-----5 pt. gold star/design inside star
Red Rocks Community College PD-----seal
Teikyo Loretto Heights University Security Patrol-----eagle/buildings
Trinidad State College Police Cadet-----6 pt. gold star/border/blue background
University of Colorado PD-----seal
University of Colorado PD-----2 stars/seal inside triangle
University of Colorado Parking Management-----seal
University of Colorado Health Science Center PD-----seal inside triangle
Univesity of Denver Security-----blue/light blue burst
University of Northern Colorado Public Safety Officer-----seal
University of Northern Colorado PD-----6 pt. gold star/UNC inside
University of Southern Colorado PD-----b/p? gray border/blue background
University of Southern Colorado Security-----same as above

Colorado State Agencies/Colorado Related or Misc. Agencies:
Bureau of Land Management-----tree/mountains/stream w/rocker
Colorado Air Transport-----seal felt
Colorado Attorney General/Criminal Justice-----red ribbon/seal in center
Colorado Bureau of Investigation-----round/1967/scales
Colorado Corrections-----round/red C
Colorado Dept. of Corrections-----seal
Colorado Dept. of Corrections-----seal/subdued/black
Colorado Dept. of Corrections-----seal/subdued/green
Colorado Dept. of Corrections-----Sgt. b/p
Colorado Division of Wildlife-----ram
Colorado Game Fish Parks-----ram
Colorado Gaming Casino Gambling Operations-----Enforcement/Investigations
Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division-----b/p
Colorado Mounted Rangers-----brown border/yellow background
Colorado Mounted Rangers-----1861/red C
Colorado Mounted Ranger-----b/p 5 pt. silver star
Colorado Revenue Dept. Port of Entry-----seal
Colorado Sheriffs Peace Officers Association-----seal felt
Colorado State Forest Service-----gold tree
Colorado State Hospital PD-----round/gold border/green background
Colorado State Parks-----gold leaf/state flag o/s
Colorado State Parks Ranger-----sun/green mountain symbol
Colorado State Parks-----gold officer b/p brown bkgrd/trim
Colorado State Patrol-----seal o/s
Colorado State Patrol-----seal hat patch
Colorado State Patrol-----seal o/s cut borders,not sewn
Colorado State Patrol-----c/s wings/wheel/mountains
Colorado State Patrol-----b/p / black/gold/seal
Colorado State Prison-----seal
Colorado State Reformatory-----seal felt
Denver PD/FBI/USSS Summit of Eight Diplomatic Security 1997
Grand Valley Drug Task Force Narcotics (Mesa County)-----b/p
Mesa County Animal Control-----eagle o/s
Mesa County Search & Rescue Ground Team
National Park Service-----arrow shaped/tree/bison
National Peace Officer's Ass'n Colorado Springs Pistol Matches 1968
PIkes Peak Highway Patrol-----blue border/gold background
Pikes Peak Highway Patrol-----same as above, but light blue border/yellow background
Pikes Peak Highway Patrol-----b/p gold black background
Pikes Peak Highway Patrol-----b/p silver blue background
Pikes Peak Ranger-----b/p 6 pt. star/brown border/tan background
Plateau Valley Fire Rescue (Mesa County)-----o/s hydrant
Plateau Valley Fire District-----axes/mountains
Pueblo Airport Security-----round/indian design
Rocky Flats Security Police-----hat patch
Rocky Flats Security Police-----b/p
Rocky Flats Security Police Officer-----b/p
Rocky Flats-----Wackenhut (security)
Southern Ute Indian PD-----ignacio-"southern ute tribe"
Southern Ute Indian PD-----ignacio-"southern ute indian tribe"
Southern Ute Indian PD Detention-----same as above
Southern Ute Indian PD-----same as above, subdued
Southern Ute Tribe Wildlife Conservation-----bear
US Forest Service/Dept. of Agriculture-----tree US
US Marshal Colorado-----Los Marshals de Cuidad Milla Alta
US Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Florence, CO-----eagle
US Postal Inspection Service Denver Division-----6 pt. silver star/horse/rider
US Postal Inspection Service Rocky Mountain
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe PD-----towaoc, co./4 corners

New Mexico Sheriff's Departments/County Agencies:
Bernalillo County-----7 pt. star/8 animals
Bernalillo County-----FTO
Bernalillo County-----Traffic Unit
Bernalillo County Metropolitain Detention Center-----Honor Guard
Catron County-----6 pt gold star/seal inside
Chaves County-----6 pt. star brown/gold
Cibola County-----Bison
Curry County-----6 pt. star/brown/white/gold
Curry County-----7 pt. star/brown/gold/eagle
Debaca County-----6 pt. silver star/eagle in center
Debaca County-----Home of Billy the Kid
Dona Ana County-----6 pt. gold star/black/yellow/blue/red-----2 versions
Dona Ana County-----1852-2002
Dona Ana County-----K9
Eddy County-----round 1889/pistol/derrick/bird
Eddy County-----Reserve 6 pt. gold star
Grant County-----7 pt. star/state of NM
Guadalupe County-----7 pt. star/water
Harding County-----county shaped
Hidalgo County-----triangle/gold/brown/county outline
Hidalgo County-----Reserve Deputy/train
Lea County-----state shaped/6 pt. gold star
Lea County-----state shaped/brown/white/deputy sheriff-----2 versions
Lea County-----state shaped/brown/white/sheriff's dept.
Lea County-----badge shaped/whi bkgrd deputy sheriff
Lincoln County-----egg shaped/sheriff
Lincoln County-----egg shaped/sheriff dept.
Lincoln County-----courthouse?/figure
Lincoln County-----Detention/Garrizozo
Lincoln County-----Sheriff Posse/black/gray
Los Alamos County-----6 pt. gold star/nuclear symbol
Luna County-----triangle/gold/brown/red
Luna County-----state of NM/7pt. star
McKinley County-----5 pt. white star/red eagle/N. Mex.
Mora County-----bear/elk/blue mountains
Otero County-----eagle/flags
Quay County-----state shaped/blue border
Rio Arriba County-----6 pt. gold star/county outline
Rio Arriba County-----Posse/Tierra Amarilla/pistols
Rio Arriba County-----6 pt. white star/yellow border
Roosevelt County-----6 pt. gold star/blue center
Roosevelt County-----5 pt. white star
Roosevelt County-----6 pt. yellow star within silver state outline
Sandoval County-----6 pt. gold star
Sandoval County-----7 pt. yellow star/yellow border/white background
Sandoval County-----7 pt. yellow star/yellow border/brown background/stars
Sandoval County-----same as above/black background/NM
San Juan County-----6 pt. gold star/flags
San Miguel County-----round/6 pt. star/yellow background
San Miguel County-----6 pt. blue star/county outline
Santa Fe County-----eagle/flags/state of NM
Santa Fe County-----county of/7 pt. star/state outline
Sierra County-----7 pt. gold star/county of
Socorro County-----bear/warrior
Socorro County-----indian in dress/wings
Taos County
Union County-----7 pt. gold star
Valencia County-----chili/black border/gold background
Valencia County-----swat

New Mexico-Other Agencies
Acoma (Pueblo) PD-----the sky city
Alamagordo Dept. of Public Safety-----flags/badge
Albuquerque PD-----o/s-upside down teardrop
Albuquerque PD-----baloon/sun
Albuquerque PD-----auto theft
Albuquerque PD-----bike patrol
Albuquerque PD-----bomb squad
Albuquerque PD-----chaplain
Albuquerque PD-----crime scene investigator
Albuquerque PD-----dwi unit
Albuquerque PD-----emergency response team
Albuquerque PD-----field services bureau
Albuquerque PD-----gang unit-----blue bkgrd
Albuquerque PD-----gang unit-----black bkgrd
Albuquerque PD-----g.r.e.a.t.
Albuquerque PD-----k9 unit black
Albuquerque PD-----k9 unit blue
Albuquerque PD-----mounted unit
Albuquerque PD-----mounted unit subdued
Albuquerque PD-----swat black
Albuquerque PD-----swat subdued
Albuquerque Aviation PD-----state of nm
Albuquerque Aviation PD-----plane/tower/sun
Albuquerque Aviation PD-----plane/tower/sun subdued
Albuquerque Open Space PD-----tree/sun/waterway
Albuquerque Public Schools PD-----eagle/safeguarding our future
Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Corrections-----7 pt gold star
Artesia PD-----eagle/flags/brown bkgrd.
Artesia PD-----eagle/flags/blue bkgrd.
Aztec PD-----gold b/p
Bayard PD-----purple/city of
Bernalillo PD-----city of coronado/we serve / light tan bkgrd
Bernalillo PD-----city of coronado/we serve / dark tan bkgrd
Bosque Farms PD-----state seal
Carlsbad PD-----triangle/very old
Carlsbad PD-----triangle/very old/reserve
Carlsbad PD-----lt. blue/sun
Carlsbad PD-----multicolor/birds/plants
Carlsbad Juvenile Detention Center-----triangle/sun
Carrizozo PD-----town of/sun/steps
Clayton PD-----friendly town
Cloudcroft PD-----bear/bridge
Clovis PD-----triangle
Clovis PD-----prosperity/peace/progress
Columbus PD-----plane/1st raid on us soil
Corrales PD-----partners w/our community
Deming PD-----eagle head
Espanola PD-----state shaped/1598
Eunice PD-----stock eagle
Farmington PD-----apple/well/bird
Farmington PD-----apple/well/bird/city of/round
Farmington PD-----orange sky/Albq. copycat
Farmington PD-----detective division
Farmington PD-----swat eagle lightning bolt
Gallup PD-----bird/blue border
Gallup PD-----bird/black border
Hagerman PD-----state seal
Hatch PD-----eagle/flags/5 pt. gold star
Hobbs PD-----silver eagle
Hobbs Detention Services-----city of hobbs
Hurley PD-----eagle/2 flags
Jicarilla Apache Tribal PD-----great seal/dulce, nm
Jicarilla (Apache Nation) Corrections Dept.-----great seal/dulce, nm
Laguna PD-----eagle dancer
Las Cruces PD-----sun-----2 versions
Las Cruces PD-----a.c.o.
Las Cruces PD-----codes
Las Cruces PD-----d.v.u.
Las Cruces PD-----s.r.o.
Las Cruces PD-----s.r.t.
Las Cruces PD-----transport
Las Cruces PD-----warrant
Las Cruces PD-----officer b/p
Las Vegas PD-----us flag/1835
Los Alamos PD-----flags
Lovington PD-----serve/protect/cow skull
Maxwell PD-----state shape/great seal
Mosquero PD-----great seal/7 pt. gold star
Mountainair PD-----state shape/in the heart of nm
New Mexico Dept. of Public Safety Motor Trans. Div.-----police
New Mexico Dept. of Public Safety Motor Trans. Div.-----patrolman
New Mexico Corrections Academy
New Mexico Livestock Board-----inspector
New Mexico State Police-----triangle-----shoulder & hat
New Mexico State Police-----triangle-----subdued
New Mexico State University PD-----2 similar versions
New Mexico State University-----public safety/nmsu
Pojaoque Pueblo PD-----K-9 Unit 7 feathers
Portales PD-----eagle/flags
Raton PD-----triangle
Raton PD-----mesa/clouds
Red River Marshal's Office-----6 pt. silver star
Rio Rancho PD-----triangle
Rio Rancho DPS-----emergency response team
Roswell PD-----red sun/plant
Roy PD-----steer
Ruidoso PD-----red/yellow/black pine trees
Santa Ana Tribal PD-----eagle head inside 7 pt. gold star
Santa Ana Tribal PD-----emergency services team/subdued
Santa Ana Tribal PD-----k9 drug unit
Santa Ana Tribal PD-----pueblo of, blue mntns, branches
Santa Fe PD-----red/white/blue-----shoulder & hat
Santa Fe PD-----swat/eagle/lightning bolt
Silver City PD-----grant co./town of
Silver City PD-----gold b/p
Socorro PD-----bird/church
Springer PD-----oval/cow skull/sun/plant
Sunland Park PD-----city of
Sunland Park PD-----reserve officer
Truth or Consequences PD-----state seal
Truth or Consequences PD-----K-9
Tucumcari PD-----big hill
Tucumcari PD-----gold b/p
Wagon Mound Marshal-----covered wagon on mesa
Zuni PD-----indian dancer

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